Costume Work

One of the ways I've been able to perfect my sewing skill has been through the wonderful world of cosplay. I was very interested in and inspired by Japanese fashion, music, and art when I was starting my journey as an artist. Eventually finding my way to the conventions.

A few years ago, I started my own little costume shop, where I applied couture sewing techniques and higher quality materials to made-to-size custom order work. (I now choose to focus on completely original work exclusively.) Here are a few of my favorites from my costume-making days. Many photos below feature my clients wearing their finished pieces made just for them.


A sincere thank you to my costume clients who have stuck by me for the last five years (Theatre joke, anyone? no?), without you I would not be the seamstress I am today, nor would I have made it through some very difficult times. You ladies (and gentlemen) are some of the coolest, most encouraging people I've ever met. It was a pleasure working together.

Some of my work was featured in the official Game of Thrones fan compendium book published a few years ago.

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